Blogger’s choice: Amanda’s favorite posts

About the dramas
Kdrama couples: A field guide
Kdrama kisses: A field guide
Fifteen reasons to watch Kdrama
Everything I need to know, I learned from Korean drama
A dictionary of Kdrama words to “borrow”
Coffee Prince: One scene two ways
Kdrama side-eyes

About the obsession
Drama fiend: A personal history
The world out there
Your loss, world
A trip to Hmart—Eats edition and Stuff edition
You might be unhealthily obsessed with Korean drama if...

Women and dramas
Heroine Addict
For the Birds: The Quietly Feminist leanings of Korean dramas
Oh boy: Gender-swap dramas and gender
The other F word: Feminism versus Korean drama

Fun stuff
Let’s Talk About Sex
Boyfriend Bot
Amanda’s Dream Drama: Sounds Like Home
A selection of ways in which my life is different from a Korean drama
A Guide for Kdrama characters in America
Fangirl Tours
The Korean phrasebook for drama lovers abroad


  1. thank you amanda, love you for compiling all the post into one section. i usually have to browse a couple of pages, whenever i want to re-read an article. this saves me time. i was wondering if you could include dok mis and me in this list as well. it is my favorite article of yours. have a nice day :)

  2. Hi Amanda. I enjoy reading your posts and can appreciate the love you have for Kdramas and the interest that you have towards another culture. I haven't seen you post anything about the drama It's ok, That's Love. It's a great drama that addresses some real life issues that many Kdrama tend to neglect. I highly recommend it if you haven't watched it yet. Enjoy the rest of your day 😀