Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Things I wish existed: Fangirl tours

Have you always wanted to visit Korea? To order an overpriced Americano at Coffee Prince, troll for handsome chaebol sons in Cheongdamdong, or pretend to be a cross-dressing Joseon scholar on the campus of Sungkyunkwan University?

Well, Fangirl Tours is here for you. Established in 2014 by a sad American who feared she would never again leave her homeland, it takes the stress out of international travel for the timid television-lover, ensuring your visit to Korea will be unforgettable. See all the important drama sites, from Sam Soon’s kissing steps to the exact cable car where Jan Di and Joon Pyo spent their first night together.

Every tour group is led by a pair of Korean nationals who receive executive-level pay not to laugh at you when you attempt to do things like speak a language other than your own, count Korean money, or eat spicy foods. Your companions will be carefully screened to encourage maximum fangirling: before signing up for a Fangirl Tour of Seoul, every participant must pass a spectacularly difficult drama quiz.

Enjoy the sounds, sites, and tastes of one of Asia’s most bustling cities alongside like-minded drama fans—and rest assured that our company’s first priority is having you back at your hotel in plenty of time to live-watch whatever show you’re currently obsessed with. Best of all, every fangirl tour includes at least one drama set visit, giving you a chance to watch Korea’s hottest actors and actresses at work.

Other highlights of our standard 10-day tour include:

A night in a traditional Korean house. Just like your favorite sageuk heroine, you’ll sleep in supreme comfort thanks to the heated flooring system known as ondal. (Note: Western toilets are available on site for a small extra fee.) As seen on: Secret Love Affair, Vineyard Man, and Thank You.

A guided tour of a genuine Seoul convenience store. We’ll explain it all—from the mysterious triangle of seaweed-covered rice to the wonder of banana milk and the ever-present Choco Pie. Plus, more than 25 varieties of instant ramyun are available for taste-testing. As seen on: Heirs, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, and 49 Days.

The Sageuk Experience: another (extremely) satisfied customer

The Sageuk Experience. With hundreds of gorgeous, practical hanboks to chose from, you’re sure to find a perfect fit at our Saegeuk Experience Adventureland. Try your hand at the gayageum, soar on traditional Korean standing swings, or mount up our faux horse, for decades a historical drama staple. Expertly Photoshopped souvenir photos will ensure that you never forget these once-in-lifetime memories. As seen on: Princesss’ Man, Jang Ok Jung: Live for Love, and Deep-Rooted Tree.

Kimchi tutorial. With the help of our crack team of halmoni experts, you’ll learn to make your own kimchi using only organic, locally sourced ingredients. Delicious, healthy, and a perfect complement to any meal, homemade kimchi is a taste sensation not to be missed. As seen on: Boys over Flowers, Kimchi Family, and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Rooftop room homestays. With unbelievable city views, lots of outdoor space, and all the cozy privacy you could want, why do rooftop rooms have such a bad rap in Korean dramas? You’ll uncover the truth on your own during our three-night rooftop room homestays. As seen on: Attic Cat, Rooftop Prince, and Master’s Sun.

Jeju visit. Like any good drama, your trip to Korea wouldn’t be complete without jetting to Jeju for a night at a luxurious ocean-front spa. (Admission to teddy bear museum and Jeju Loveland garden included.) As seen on: Lie to Me, Queen In Hyun’s Man, and Tamra: The Island.

Jeju as seen in Lie to Me. (Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan not included.)

With informational sessions on drama law, language learning, and Korean history and culture, Fangirl Tours are designed for you, by someone like you—a huge geek.

Other available fangirl tours include New Zealand as Middle Earth, the Brontë Moors, and the superheroes of Gotham.


  1. Where's the sign up sheet. ? I need to get in on this before it sells out!
    Better yet - let me get a business degree real quick and some Korean partners and we can start it ourselves! I predict big money.

  2. Haha! All over this. Universe...make this happen. @rosie I have a business degree, can you provide the korean partners?

    1. I knew I should've chatted more with those Korean roomies I shared with last week.
      Question - if we run the operation ourselves, we get special bonuses right? right? Like staff only trips (every week?) hehe

  3. Amanda, right up my alley! Already did one tour but ready for another. I have a Korean friend and she loves dramas and she is going to Korea for the summer! What if?????

  4. Well I have already been to Korea twice, the most recent one being last month and I absolutely love it there. Plus I have been invited to a wedding in October so I am going for another two weeks. Amanda, don't be timid, just do it! It's worth it.

  5. I love this. May I suggest the travel package also include a Korean-Buddy system? Make Korean friends, have someone to practice the language with, and maybe find yourself paired up with your very own handsome "Seoul"mate. heehee… ^^

  6. Assa! We're on the same wavelength~ earlier this week, I read that it's just become easier for foreigners to set up small businesses in Korea, and I was imagining a company like Fangirl Tours. (I was also thinking that javabeans, girlfriday & co. could make a ton of money if they led tours like this each year.) I know drama-based tours do already exist, but I like your (and my) vision much better.

    How I want to go to your Sageuk Experience Adventureland and have a pretty flower boy push me on a standing swing! Other experiences that definitely should be included in the tour: a jjimjilbang (sauna), a noraebang (karaoke), a pojangmacha (food/drink tent)... and of course, no true fangirl would consider the experience complete without getting a piggyback ride.

  7. please make this a reality! and throw in a day with your fave celbrity plus the signed OST and souvenir of your fave kdrama!

  8. Love it! Sign me in for the Korea and Middle Earth tours.

  9. haha, good stuff!

  10. I would love to see it happens... I want trip to Jeju and Sageuk adventureland... How much money is it? Hehe..
    Great, brilliant ideas!!

  11. You forgot a couple of the more "intense" experiences:

    1) Take a 30 minute ride thru the streets of Seoul at night on your choice of Motorcycle or Scooter. Hang on to the back of a hot oppa who knows the streets, weave in and out of traffic, all while different BGM from drama motorcycle riding scenes plays in the speakers of your helmet. Featured soundtrack this month, from Secret Love Affair.

    2) Bungee Jumping--K style. Hang on to a handsome oppa as you both leap off a platform...you will get a DVD of the experience too. Screams will be edited out for maximum bragging effect when you get home. As seen in Angel Eyes and Bungee Jumping of their Own.

  12. I want in! And I would like to order a piggyback ride from the airport curtesy of Lee Min Ho or someone in that range of hotness.

  13. Inspired post! Thank you for the much-needed daydream of viewing Korea on such a tour! :)

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