Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just popping in to say...

...I’m not sure if I’m annoyed or thrilled that the unsubbed jTBC dramas we English speakers have been drooling over are now available online...but you’ve got to pay to watch anything beyond episode 2.

I Live in Cheongdam Dong

Wife’s Credentials

Queen Insoo

I guess this explains why most of the recent jTBC dramas haven't been showing up on DramaFever, those sly foxes.


  1. Sneaky devils... But I'm not quite ready to spend more money. Maybe things will change sometime. I've got plenty to occupy myself with for the moment. Rewatching Nobuta for one. :) Welcome to my hell, lol.

  2. Nobota wo Produce. It's like watching live action anime. Definitely very Japanese lol, but I like it :)

    1. Even though there are 8.2 million shows I could be watching instead, I really want to see that damn Wife's Credentials. I may break down and sign up for a month. (It wouldn't be the first time I've thrown money away for rediculous signing up for Crunchyroll for a month just so I could watch full-screen episodes of Coffee Prince. Sigh.)

      I totally loved Nobuta wo produce. Thanks for the rec, Sara! I always shy away from things that aren't specifically billed as romances, but clearly end up missing great stuff.

      Random note: I'm in the process of buying a new car, and I already have a name picked out for it--Choi Han Gyul, or Choi for short. Unfortunately, it's not a Mini Cooper, but it will do. (What, doesn't everyone name their cars?)

    2. Your experience with Nobuta seems to mirror mine - minus the Dostoevsky part: I never got behind the famous intro to Notes from Underground. Yay for your future Choi Han Gyul! (And no, I never named any of my cars. I had a friend who boldly named his car Tiberius, but Tiberius got totalled).

      Starting ep 11 of TBDW... I'm not usually the type of person who sits back and screams at the character on screen to do/not do something - In fact, those kind of people piss me off, especially when I'm in the room - ehh, not so anymore. Example of me 5 minutes ago: "OMG DON'T go into that restaurant!!! You're going to... *gaspforair* see them together! Crap!! Nooooo! Ah shit.. too late. NOOOO!!" This drama is singularly awesome so far!! (Although I nearly killed myself when they played the amnesia card). Me last night about at midnight: "AREYOUEFFINGKIDDINGME! OMG I hate KOrean TV! WTcrap!!? How can he not remember?!?!?!?!?!"

    3. I totally read and liked Notes from Underground...I just never expected the heroes of my teenage Asian dramas to be so existentially miserable ;) I had been sure Nobuta was 11 episodes long, so when I got to the end of 10 and realized there weren't any more I had a minor breakdown. So good, but so sad. (And I wish at least one someone had stayed behind.)

      I agree that there should be some sort of fine for any drama writer who includes amnesia :b At least TbDW does something good with it, unlike all these random misery dramas that throw it in for no good reason other than killing time. Plus, I think vaguely menacing Lee Jun Ki is way hotter than nice Lee Jun Ki =X

      Clearly somebody liked that plot twist, though...because they borrowed it for Haedunae Lovers.

    4. Perfect name for a car, as long as it's a handsome car!! I need to give my car a name, but I think it's a girl, or a I guess it could be a flamboyant gay guy....(it's a bright cherry red nissan versa hatch back). So the AP from the school I was interestted in called and said they wanted to do a formal interview just to go through proper procedure but they wanted me to be prepared to hand in my resignation to my boss Wednesday because they want to hire me!! So I was literally so nervous about telling my boss that I made myself ill and got a horrible migraine and almost threw up several times (I have serious anxiety about confrontation with adults, it's a problem). But I finally went in there and did it and she was practically begging me to stay and trying to guilt trip me and saying she wasn't going to release me from my contract (it was like a nightmare with my anxiety issues about confrontation, I am like the ultimite people pleaser because of those issues) but I am so proud of myself that I told her and didn't stay out of fear!! I am going to ask them when they want me to say my last day is and I am going to put that on my resignation whether she wants to release me or not (she wouldn't really spend the school's time and money to go after a teacher legally for wanting to go to another school, she is just bluffing and using scare tactics to try to make me stay). I am so proud of myself that I am having a glass of champagne ttto celebrate and I'm about to enjoy it while watching Nobuta Wo Produce :) yay me!! Lol.

    5. Oh and P.S. Amanda, I'm sorry you don't like AGD :( I was worried you wouldn't because it's more of a light hearted goofy drama.

    6. Yay for your job! (Do keep us posted!)

      Amanda, Lee Jun Ki IS super extra hot as a baddie! Never thought I'd ever look at a guy popping bubble gum and start drooling... phew!!

      Sorry for the confusion about Nobuta's episodes.. sorry, this drama does not go to 11. :P I knew somehow that it was only 10, but I still never thought they'd end it like that.. throw on the extra dose of "What???? Noooo!! Seriously??? You're really gonna be like that?? *waaaaaaah* Wait, why am I crying again?? Oh screw it.. *waaah*"

    7. I don't know...that Choi Han Gyul was a pretty sharp dresser. And masculinity in Korea is seen a bit differently, so it's completely appropriate that I'm naming the girliest car in the history of mankind after him, right? It's a blue raspberry Honda Fit.

      I'm sorry your resignation was such a nightmare, but it sounds as if you handled it perfectly. And FYI, you're an adult, too ;) Don't let them push you around! Champagne and Asian drama is the best way to celebrate, I think.

      And I might end up liking AGD once the romance starts coming to the forefront—toward the end of episode 2 it started picking up a lot. I'm just realizing that what I find cute in someone who's 25 seems pathetic in someone who's 40.

      I'm so excited for the new shows to start this week...I'm thinking of watching both To the Beautiful You and Arang as they air, because I just can't wait.

    8. The Nobuta ending was a total surprise—it's so unlike Kdramas where you know the lead couple will always get together by the last episode, no matter what the show's about. I was expecting them to [!SPOILERS!] suddenly realize that Akira's dad was the other dad's boss, and convince him not to make the transfer happen after all. But no. I had to sob my way through the breakup of the trio. I think it's funny that they sort of set up for the third boy to be Nobuta's soul mate, without really getting too involved. Cute, cute, cute.

  3. Darn it. But maybe they'll do what they did for Vampire Prosecutor and have the eps available for free some time later? *fingers crossed* In the meantime, I shall enjoy Answer me 1997 and Arang and Faith.

    Ooo you started watching White Christmas? Don't worry, I loved the creepy atmosphere, but it's not a 'scary-ghosts-and-monsters' horror series at all like say Hon. What darkness and monsters there are lies entirely inside the all-too-human characters. Marathoning it on a nice sunny day is a good idea--I first watched it in the dead of winter when it was snowy and cold outside and I was alone in the house X_X. I hope you've found a somewhat HD version, because the cinematography is gorgeous in a stark and cold way. I loved the shot of the girl lying in the snow at the end of ep 1--so creepy and beautiful at the same time.

    Faith and Arang both start this week! Please be awesome!

    1. Knowing my luck, the jTBC shows will be added to Dramafever right after I spend $11 to watch them on this new site. The precedent is there...after I struggled through Protect the Boss and Lie to Me on buggy, non-official sites, they both appeared on Netflix. And now Dramafever :b

      Unfortunately, the only streaming versions I can find of White Christmas are pretty cruddy and low-res. (On the bright side, it makes the show seem even darker and scarier....sort of like when I saw Return of the King in a movie theater with a leaky roof, so it was actually raining in the front two rows, and roof tiles occasionally came crashing down in the middle of the action. It was like total immersion; they should have charged extra for it!)

      I've got my fingers crossed for Faith and Arang. Both have awesome raw materials--here's hoping they don't blow it. (Not that I'm bitter about Big sucking or anything.)