Friday, December 30, 2011

Writer's Worksheet, Kdrama Rom-Com Edition

Dear Writer,

Welcome to the wonderful world of scripting Korean drama! The following checklist will guide you through the creation of our show. (Please note that any deviation from these pre-approved scenarios will result in monetary fine, physical retribution, and/or your dismissal. For more information, refer to your contract, section 4,513, paragraph QQ.)

1. Female lead, primary characteristic of (check one):
__ spunky
__ spoiled

2. Male lead, primary characteristic of (check one):
__ spunky
__ spoiled

3. Second male lead, primary characteristics of (check four):
__ handsome
__ understanding
__ mature
__ infinitely more compatible with female lead than male lead

4. Roles for idol casting consideration (check one):
__ all

5. Main couple first meet (check no more than two):
__ cute
__ angry
__ unknowingly
__ as children

6. Constant contact between Main Couple assured by (check at least one; see your contract for multiple item bonus):
__ shared workplace
__ shared classroom
__ shared home
__ shared hangout spot

7. Primary obstacle (check one or more):
__ family disapproval
__ suspected sibling relationship
__ manipulation of evil character(s)
__ professional concerns
__ disparity in socio-economic background
__ age difference
__ bad haircut and/or insufficient grooming
__ gender
__ cancer or other serious ailment (see exhibit 15 for required fatality rates)

8. Secondary obstacle (check one):
__ studying abroad
__ mandatory military service
__ family obligation

9. Skinship level (check one):
__ wristholding
__ handholding
__ kissing (on forehead)
__ kissing (non-forehead; closed-mouth)
__ kissing (non-forehead; open-mouth)
__ full sex (see fine schedule, exhibit 250)

10. Final episode time jump (check one):
__ 6 months
__ 1 year
__ 2 years
__ 4 years

11. Resolution (check at least two):
__ death of one or more lead
__ marriage of Main Couple
__ happiness of Main Couple (see fine schedule, exhibit 250)

Thank you for your thoughtful work! Assuming ratings over 30 percent, you should hear from us soon.

The Kdrama Overlords


    Any gal smart and sassy enough to use the Han River (of Tears!) as her blog header is ACES in my book! Welcome to the K-drama blogosphere - looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. I love this! In fact, this could work as a writing prompt. :) i wanna see the rest of the contract with photo exhibits.

    are you a writer, Amanda?

    1. I'm not a writer, but I am familiar with the kind of contracts writers are often forced to sign. Which prompted this post, because I was wondering if the Drama Overlords were behind a lot of the common themes in Kdrama rom-coms. ;)

  3. So this is the formula, WOW! Great job.