Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drama Short: Time between Dog and Wolf (2007) Review

Time between Dog and Wolf poster

Grade: A+ 

What it’s about
A young intelligence officer deals with inner demons and tries to find his place in the world while seeking revenge for the killing of his mother, which he witnessed as a child. 

First impression
As of episode 5, I loved this drama so much I wanted to have its puppies. Nonstop thrills, a great love triangle, and amazing production values make it feel like a long, excellently made movie. Just what I needed after some drama disappointments.

Final verdict
As a big fan of romantic comedy, I rarely wander over into the action genre. I’m so glad I did here, though—I literally can’t believe how good this show is. Thrilling, action packed, and filled with sophisticated storytelling and complex, nuanced characters, it still manages to include a compelling love story. Loved it. (Read full review here.)

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