Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drama Short: Que Sera Sera (2007) Review

Que Sera Sera poster

Grade: A 

What it’s about

Four people—two poor and two rich—couple and uncouple in the most hurtful ways you can imagine.

First impression
Is that a faint whiff of Cruel Intentions I detect at your pulse points, you strange, saucy little drama?

Final verdict
How is it that this dark gem of a show isn’t on more top 10 lists? I love it, at least partially because it’s so refreshing to watch a drama that doesn’t rely on an evil character to drive the plot. Instead, this show relies on the ultimate evil: human nature, and all its jealous, greedy, unholy desires. A rare bird, indeed.  

Stray thoughts
Episode 9: Dear Han Eun Soo: The correct answer in this scenario is “If you loved me, you would never, ever have done what you just did.” Cordially, Amanda

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