Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drama Short: Spring Waltz (2006) Review

Grade: A+


What it’s about
Tweens fall in love, are tragically separated, and rediscover each other as adults.

First impression
Luscious and lovely, yet virtually indistinguishable from all the other Endless Love dramas—lousy acting and sloppy editing are punctuated by moments of intense, heartrending beauty. As always, I cannot tear my eyes away. Will the installment be satisfying (ala Winter Sonata) or stultifying (ala Summer Scent)?

Final verdict
To quote this drama’s omnipresent theme song: Love, real love. Read my full review here.

Random thoughts
• Proof that I’ve really and truly drank the Kool-aid this time around? I’m downloading this drama’s soundtrack—“My Darling Clementine” sample and all—as I type.

• There’s a character on the show 30 Rock who’s so handsome he doesn’t know how to do a single thing for himself—people have been lining up to take care of him for his whole life, thanks to his good looks. I imagine that Daniel Henney, this show’s second lead, really is that guy. He’s been a complete failure as an actor in everything I’ve seen him in, yet one smile from him is all it takes to make me so woozy and overheated I barely notice his flaws. He clearly can’t act his way out of a paper bag, but he’s so dazzlingly beautiful that his dramas should come with protective eye gear, like those boxes people make to watch eclipses. If you looked directly at him too long, I swear you’d be blinded.

• This final installment in the Endless Love series includes at least two welcome innovations: male leads who are every bit as breathtaking as the scenery, and the music of Coldplay. Talk about made for each other…

• I know any number of people who are always prepared for any possible need—they carry pens and swiss army knives and measuring tape wherever they go. I think Philip tops them all, though: next to the spare tire in the back of his SUV, he seems to carry an emergency fairy princess gown. Because I guess if you look like that you never know when you might be called upon to prepare a Cinderella for a ball?

• The clothes in this drama started off bright and pretty, but ended up refugee-from-Oz insane. I understand that Daniel Henney has Irish blood, but must you really dress him as a leprechaun ?

Episode 2. Every drama that has a swan wrangler on the payroll, as this one clearly did, should receive an automatic A. Throw in a few fairy tale castles, and that's an automatic A+.

Episode 18. Female lead: “Watching Philip exercise can also relieve my stress.” Amanda, fanning self: “And you’ll almost certainly need a cold shower afterward, too.”

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  1. I'm on episode 12, and I'm still enjoying it.

    I thought the same thing about the clothes ha ha!! I know they are trying to convey a spring feeling or whatever but it just looks like the easter bunny threw up everywhere lol. It's blinding!!

    1. Although if the long green sweater she wore in the first few episodes showed up in my closet, it would be a happy day for me. (Well, if it was several sizes bigger, anyway.)

  2. Oh and I Do, I Do never is a great work of art, but it does get better as the show goes. I didn't like the first few episodes either, and I was particularly not crazy about the male lead, his looks, his character, or his acting skills. In fact, I started to dislike him a little less as the show went on, but I never really became a fan.

    1. I would probably like I Do, I Do more if I hadn't just watched Spring Waltz, which is like my soul-mate drama. ::sigh:: I'll give it a few more episodes before I do anything rash, like giving up.

  3. Yeah that happens to me too. When you're watching or just finished watching a drama that you are really into and then you go and watch one that is just medicore it makes seem like it sucks really bad and it's hard to finish it lol.

    I really like the actor that plays Jae Ha, he is so adorable. I could watch it just to see him smile because I just want to pinch his cheeks every time he does lol. I still have a few episodes left, and I can't help but laugh at some of the way overdramatic moments (particularly the moms ha ha), it really does have the same feel as like BOF or Goong or something like that, but it's better put together like Goong was and less hair brained and overboard the way BOF was.

    There are 2 episodes left of A Gentleman's Dignity that are supposed to air Saturday and Sunday, and unless they royally screw up the ending, which I don't think they're going to, I am still totally in love with that drama and it has been an epic save for me after having had such high hopes for Big and it going down the tubes. I am going to watch the last 2 episodes of Big tonight, hopefully the ending won't make me want to tear what little hair I have out lol.

  4. XD I'd forgotten about the emergency Cinderella ball gown.