Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lazy: An autobiography by me

Motivation has been even harder than usual for me to come by lately. So instead of an actual Tuesday post, I give you a short review of Witch’s Romance (below), and a new blog thingy (“Favorite Posts,” above).

I’ve been getting frustrated with Blogger’s popular post widget (right), because it tends to rank reviews really high. This isn’t because my reviews are particularly good—it’s because people who love a show Google it and wind up here, often to discover that I’m lukewarm about said show (below).

So in response I put together a list of the Outside Seoul posts that I think are the most interesting. If you’re new to these parts, check it out—you might have missed something good.


  1. thank you amanda for compiling all your posts into a single page. i usually have to browse a couple of pages to re-read an article, this saves me a lot of time. i was wondering if you could include dok mis and me in this page as well, i really loved that blog post of yours. you don't have to if you don't want to though, i guess if everyone asks to include their favorite post, the list would be humongous. have a nice day

  2. That's a good idea. I had someone email me recently and ask me about making my blog easier to navigate (which idk about because it's really not complex lol). I made a list of the pages and post most visited, but like you indicated, that can be skewed. I may add a secondary list inspired by you now.

  3. Hello, my name is Sabrina. I am the manager of SEOULfi. I would like to email you about something, but I can't find a "Contact Us"-page or email address. Could you write me at sabrinahill @ seoulfi .com, please.

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