Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Next, Please: Can We Get Married? Preview

(If you two were any more adorable, my brain would explode.)

Ah, it’s that time of the drama cycle again—new and upcoming shows are getting a lot of press, and I’m doing a lot of drooling over them. Rather than posting one big list today, I thought I’d post about one new drama every day this week. So stay tuned!

Without further ado, here’s one currently airing show that I’m planning to begin marathoning about two seconds after its finale is subbed.

Can We Get Married?
16 episodes
Currently airing Monday and Tuesdays, jTBC

Dramas that don’t get a lot of coverage by the big news sites have a way of slipping under the radar, but this romantic comedy with family leanings sounds too good to miss. Revolving around a mother’s search for the perfect men to marry her two daughters, the story uses four couples to explore love from a variety of perspectives—from new romance to impending marriage to divorce.

Based on early reviews, Can We Get Married? is polished and sophisticated, and seems unlikely to get lost in the land of fairy-tale cliché that so many Kdramas never emerge from. As an added bonus, it airs on a cable channel, not a major network, which almost guarantees a candid approach to the physical aspects of its characters’ relationships. (Which is a long and fancy way to say: Hot kissing, ahoy!)

Also of note are its youthful stars: The every-guy lead is played by painfully handsome Sung Joon, known around these parts as the still-waters-run-deep bandleader of Shut Up!: Flower Boy Band. And if female lead Jung So Min can make being a doormat seem likeable in Playful Kiss, who knows how amazing she’ll be when playing an actual human being?

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  1. Hehe, I don't know how I caught this under the radar! Okay, actually the answer is simple (Sung Joon). Have you seen any of this yet? I love it! I want to go from smacking someone's face, and literally 30 seconds later wanting to give them a big hug. And yes, last time I did that was with Jung So Min in Playful Kiss, only this time she isn't a doormat, and there seem to be many more "human-ish" characters.

    1. I'm so happy to hear good things about this show—I haven't watched any of it yet, but I've seen a number of steamy makeout gifs from it on Tumblr. Is it wrong that the quality of the kissing involved is a key indicator of how much I'll like a drama? =X

      Usually wanting to smack characters isn't such a good sign, though...

  2. against my better judgment, i started this over the weekend and now i'm all caught up. :( i'm more of a marathon-er, but reading recaps and spoilers all the way to the end have a way of stopping me from actually watching the drama.

    anyway, i tried watching the raw of episode 5 on couchkimchi before i realized that the subs will come soon enough and i can wait, i think.

    like how i think Jung So-min looks like Yoon Eun-hye, I keep noticing that Min Han-groo (Dong-bi) looks like Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong). I thought it was Yuri at first, only younger. lol.

    i'm interested in Dong-bi's storyline. Ki-joong does not appreciate her and they view the 5-year relationship differently. i want DB to go be happy without him, but the actors have chemistry so i want them together eventually. but definitely after her matures and learns to cherish her.

    1. Note to self: don't start watching before this show is fully subbed! It sounds like it's likely to inspiring junkie-like behavior.

  3. This one definitely sounds like I'm going to have to watch it soon.

    Oddly enough, I just finished Faith and am now watching a drama that is completely uncharacteristic of the types of dramas I usually prefer and I am somehow hooked to it anyway. It's "A Love to Kill" with Rain and Shin Min Ah. It's so horribly cheesy and overly dramatic but I am weidlry addicted to it. Stranger things have happened I guess...

    1. Whoa...I almost started watching A Love to Kill last night! It sounds like something I'd actually really like—and if not, Rain and Daniel Henney would probably keep me interested ;)

      I ended up going with I'm Sorry I Love You instead, though. It's by the writer of Nice Guy and so far is very dark and upsetting, ala Que Sera Sera or What Happened in Bali.

    2. I'm Sorry I Love You is definitely dark and upsetting, too much so for me. I wanted to kill myself by the end.

    3. As long as I want to kill myself and not the writers, I'm probably still on board for I'm Sorry I Love You ;) I went into it knowing it had an unhappy ending, but by episode three I don't want So Ji Sub's character anywhere near the female lead, let alone for them to end up together. And then there's the second lead, who's a simpering mama's boy with a bad haircut.

      Wait... I may have just talked myself off the I'm Sorry I Love You train...

  4. So. much. hot kissing, and our leads are so cute together. I've only seen the first two episodes, but I liked them, and I think this could help cure my melodrama fatigue. Can't wait for your review when you finish watching it.

    1. I may actually die of melodramatitis before I get around to watching Can We Get Married.

      I'm currently watching Nice Guy and I'm Sorry I Love you, and plan to follow them up with I Miss You. That's more concentrated misery than I've inflicted upon myself since that time I went right from reading The Road to reading Wuthering Heights. I barely made it out of that month alive.

  5. Watched about 15 minutes and had to turn it off. Yech! Maybe it gets better but I couldn't stomach the beginning.