Saturday, March 17, 2012

Housekeeping Update/ WTF drama #1

I’m still waiting to run out of things to say on this blog, or maybe the motivation to say them. But that day isn’t here yet: years of laziness may have gotten me out of the habit, but come right down to it I really do enjoy writing and the satisfaction that comes from synthesizing random thoughts into something resembling a coherent post. 

On the housekeeping update front, I plan to continue publishing a new piece of content every Tuesday, but also to make super-short WTF drama posts as they occur to me during the week. (Putting them in the sidebar is kind of lame, because they’re so hard to read there.) 

And today’s WTF drama moment? How is it that the heroine of Summer Scent has had a heart transplant, yet loves to wear cute, low-cut shirts? I appreciate that the ailments in the Endless Love series are largely window dressing, but couldn’t someone at least pretend to care about the giant scar she should have?

(Which is not to say that I’m not enjoying the show—it’s an unbelievably, unapologetically sappy love story filled with fetishistic shots of beautiful summer scenery and beautiful actors. You can’t go wrong with that.)

Nice scar. Or not.

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